3 Different Types of Journalists in a Changing World


Journalism has grown and changed over the years. The role of a journalist differs by the medium and position, but the main goal is to provide information to the public. These professional writers may write about current events, review restaurants or events, or any type of interesting … [Read more...]

New Media versus Old School | Who Will be the Winner?


The mass media are smack dab in the middle of a revolution let loose by the Internet and digital technology. The digital transformations have thrown publishing, broadcasting, and advertising in a whirlwind of "do-or-die" reorganization. Traditional and digital media all have elements that are … [Read more...]

Press Clubs Throughout the World

Press Club

We have come across many people who are surprised that Las Vegas has not had a press club for around 30 years. Press Clubs play an historic role in the development of cities, states, and nations. Today we will take notice of a few of the more prominent clubs throughout the world. The Los Angeles … [Read more...]